Affiliated Faculty

The following faculty are affiliated with CIEMACS. Please click on the links below to access their individual web pages.

Colin Wolden (CBE): Synthesis of nanostructured thin films for applications in PV, membranes and optoelectronics

J. Douglas Way (CBE): Dense metal membranes for H2 purification and membrane reactors

Anthony Dean (CBE): Systematic development of detailed kinetic mechanisms related to energy conversion

Amadeu Sum (CBE): Computational analysis of soft condensed matter and biological systems

Jason Porter (ME): Diagnostics and sensor development

Ning Wu (CBE): Self- and guided- assembly of colloidal systems

Mark Maupin (CBE): Cellulosic biofuels and enzyme kinetics

Sumit Agarwal (CBE): Surface chemistry, ALD, and nanoparticle synthesis

Bob Kee (ME): Simulation of chemically reacting fluid flow in clean energy applications

Melissa Krebs (CBE): Biomaterials for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Applications

Greg Bogin (ME): Advanced combustion strategies and alternative fuels

Keith Neeves (CBE): Microfluidic investigations of blood flow and transport in porous media

Carolyn Koh (CBE): Clathrate Hydrates