Technical Documents

This course is very technology-centric and as such requires very specific information about the behavior and syntax used by the software toolchain and processor. It is unreasonable to expect any one text to cover all these nuiances. Consequently I will reference (and expect you to check) the technical documentation of our tool chain. This is good practice for future engineering career where the ability to learn new tools and concepts on your own will help advance your career.

Dev'18 Schematic
Dev'18 Layout
MPLAB® XC8 C Compiler User’s Guide
PIC18(L)F2X/4XK22 Data Sheet


Your development board was designed to interface to a Raspberry Pi (RPi). You can use this interface to web-enable your projects. The following is useful information to get this interface working.

Rpi basic configuration
RPi web configuration


This class requires a wide varity of software packages to develop and debug software for the PIC microcontroller as well as to communicate with the chip. For both MPLab and the XC8 compiler, scroll down the page and select the "Downloads" tab and select the operating system of the target computer.

MPLAB® X IDE (Download tab -> choose your operating system)
MPLAB® XC8 Compiler (Download tab, choose latest revision and your operating system)
Installation hints for MAC users
Brandon's COM port finder

Class Management

In the grade spreadsheet, your Key is the least 3 significant whole-number digits of your CWID raised to the 1.5 power. Class grades
Class syllabus
iClicker registeration (use your CWID for student ID)
NASA lessons learned
Credit card skimmer scam

Final Project

The course final project is selected by you and will follow a progrssion set forth in the final project guidelines below. Final Project Presentation list
Final Project Guide


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